Victoria Duarte - Reiki Virginia Beach

I am a Mindfulness Life Coach. I enjoy guiding and supporting clients to discover their inner strength, trust their divine wisdom and let go of sabatoging beliefs. Everything we have ever thought, believed, experienced is stored in our bodies. Our bodies carry our stories -pain, fear, resistance and doubt which manifests into dis-ease. Our bodies are so wise and so powerful. Our bodies have the ability to heal in the most beautiful way.

Prior to being mindfulness life coach, I was a special needs teacher. My background has supported me to understand that everyone desires to be heard, respected, valued, appreciated and loved. This sacred journey begins with you. How are you loving, respecting, valuing, appreciating and showing up for yourself? Each moment is an opportunity to love yourself more fearlessly.

I enjoy watching clients live in their divine truth, reconnect to the essence of who they are, and heal at the deepest level.

I am excited about your infinite possibilities as you embrace your light.

A little about me

My near death experience was a catalyst for me to dive deep into my spiritual journey. I am excited to support people to reawaken and connect to their inner light. I believe we are all intutive and incredibly wise.We just need someone to remind us how powerful we are.

Please call: 757-251-9301 or visit: to schedule.